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I spend my working life doing something I love.

Food and photography and design are high on the list of my passions. A discerning interest in good food, design and the visual world was instilled in me in childhood by my artistic, foodie, father and talented Swedish mother, and it has led my career through jobs art directing in book publishing and onto major magazines (including being Art Director of the UK Good Housekeeping and being responsible for the initial design and concept of UK Country Living magazine). My main interest has been for a long time photography and in particular food photography and in London in the eighties I was commissioning the best food photographers in the business. In 1987 I married the writer, Andro Linklater, which was another boost to my creativity, and together we made some memorable journeys which he wrote about and I photographed. This built my confidence as a photographer and eventually I found that I was frustrated trying to get others to shoot my ideas and wanted to take the photographs myself. So, in 1990, I began a rewarding new career as a freelance food photographer, based in London but also undertaking interesting location trips to Europe, particularly France and Italy and to South Africa, and the United States.

I delight in producing fresh and natural images with daylight or a daylight photography feel and enjoy working in my relaxed loft studio near London's Barbican. The studio is equipped with masses of interesting props for food photography and the overall look provides a great backdrop for lifestyle shoots. I shoot digitally (of course) and love the speed and efficiency, the flexibility and added creativity that the digital workflow now gives to food photography. My clients range from big corporate names like McDonalds, Mitchells & Butler, Waitrose, Morrisons, Disney or Tesco to small, start-up food and lifestyle businesses but I hope they all enjoy the same level of service and the same creative, professional approach to taking good, effective food and lifestyle pictures.

I live in a fourteenth century cottage in rural Kent with my small terrier, Conker, (sadly Andro died in 2013) and visit my family and friends in Sweden for inspiration whenever possible.

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